Introducing the Brewpub

As many people know and as you have likely seen or heard, the Gun Flint Tavern is in the process of opening a brewpub. We have long felt that Cook County needs its own brewpub to showcase fresh, locally made beer. Our biggest hold up at this point is the time it takes for the TTB to approve our Brewer’s Notice, and all of the government paperwork that has to be approved. So while we patiently wait for this we are devoting ourselves to the process of rehab and construction. The process and progress being made is very exciting to see!

Minnesota has a healthy craft beer tradition—in part because it represents larger themes of Minnesota culture—like involving community, local ingredient sourcing, and innovation—but also because Minnesotans like good beer. The nation has been privileged with a craft beer renaissance since the mid-1970’s, but the industry has really been exploding in the past decade and Minnesota has proven to be a quality player with the Twin Cities and Duluth highlighting our offerings. A big factor in what has been driving this industry boost has been a desire to have beer right from the place it is made, as fresh as it gets, and the Gun Flint Tavern is thankful to be helping that effort by joining an already excellent group of breweries on the North Shore ranging from the Duluth/Superior area up to Castle Danger.

The Gun Flint Tavern was at the forefront of Cook County’s craft beer scene, always focusing on and featuring more and more Minnesota breweries. In addition, we have been blessed with a devoted following of beer lovers in the county. We are grateful and excited to be able to take this to its logical conclusion and open a facility geared at creating quality fresh beer for everyone: whether you live here or you are visiting the area.

As far as our timeline goes for opening: we’re really not sure.  We are doing our best to move things along and we are excited to actually start brewing, but there are a lot of steps to cover first. We have made some big strides with the reconstruction and we are close to being able to install our equipment, but again, it is a process with a specific progression. This blog will be an outlet to provide new details and updates, and to follow the ultimate timeline of the brewpub. Please email me if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to chat!

We are so thankful that this opportunity came up, and for all the help we’ve gotten in the process. Our excitement seems to be matched by everyone we talk to. Both Cook County and the craft beer community have been incredible in welcoming and offering us assistance.  Thanks for all your help and support!

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