Progress Report

It has been longer than I meant to go in between posting and it is time for a good progress update! The brewery is still in its construction phase at this time, and it has been quite a long process. I think that even when you expect all the normal delays–licenses, inspections, paperwork, construction–you can still get caught up in the end goal and forget a bit about how much actual work and effort and time is involved in the process. I tend to get ahead of myself because I can’t wait to start creating beers, but the reality is that there is still a lot of work to be done before we can start brewing.

That being said, equipment has been moved around a bit, and if you have stopped by the Tavern lately you’ve likely noticed some serving tanks in the brewing area. This is good progress because it means we can start to figure out what valves and clamps and extra parts I still need to source to make the system operable and uniform. Since the system has not been used in some time the equipment is at different levels of operation right now so it will take some effort to get it all together and ready to go.


So what else is there to do? The glycol lines for fermentation temperature control still need to be run through the ceiling, the vent and hood for the boil kettle need to be installed so the ceiling can be finished. Lights and outlets need to be installed, the plumbing needs to be finished, and other things that will be done bit by bit in the coming weeks. The work on installing the cooling A/C unit has started today, and the serving lines should be in place next week, and then the draft tower can be built. Still waiting on the glass company to install the doors. Looks like a really busy month is shaping up!


Once all of the construction is done and the equipment is ready to go we still need to test the equipment after a really thorough deep clean and put some batches through it to dial everything in. Then we can get outfitted for an opening date! Behind the scenes we are finalizing some recipe formulation and brewing them on our pilot system. We are playing with some fun and innovative ideas we’d like to do on a bigger scale. What are some beer styles/experiments you’d like to see us produce on the big system when we are up and running?


As always, feel free to ask me questions about our progress!

They who drink beer, will think beer. -Washington Irving

One thought on “Progress Report

  1. Paul, this is awesome! I’m so excited for you. I can’t wait to order a beer! I’m not making any suggestions on types of beer, because I don’t think I’ve tried a beer you’ve made that I didn’t like.

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