Growler write up!

Growler write up!

Thanks Brian Kaufenberg and the Growler Magazine for the write up of The Gun Flint Tavern in their Dec/Jan issue! The Growler is a great publication that covers Minnesota craft beer culture. You can check it out online or pick up a physical copy in liquor stores or bars in Duluth and the Twin Cities area. It’s free! (I got mine at the Steel Toe taproom in St. Louis Park, after enjoying some well crafted brews)


2 thoughts on “Growler write up!

  1. Awesome Paul! This is a dream coming true for you and all the devotees of all things Gunflint Trail and the Arrowhead Community. I can’t wait to sample the brews that will flow from your taps. I ask only that someday you let me name one of your brews. (How’s that for a huge ask?!)

    Bill Maloney

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