Spare Parts


Finally getting around to posting some of the goings on at the Tavern, starting with a shot of the Raven’s new look! This is going to be a bit of a photo heavy post, so depending on your blog viewing preferences: I’m sorry or you’re welcome.

At the beginning of April, Bell’s Brewery hosted a tap takeover which served as a good opportunity to test out the new draft system. I had a crash course on how the beer pumps work (really, they do all the work by themselves. I still don’t get it), which will be beneficial when it is time to hook them up to the serving tanks.


As I understand it, CO2 pushes the beer out of the keg and powers the pumps which feed the beer into split lines–one each for the upstairs and downstairs draft towers. A glycol pump on the rooftop keeps the beer fresh and cold on its journey to the glass. We have six pumps (and taps), one for each serving vessel and one for small batch specialty beers. Pretty exciting if you ask me.


Temporary auxiliary keg storage!

Gas lines and venting are all done for the boil kettle.



This is our repurposed  transfer pump, I’m most happy with the little cart for ease of movement. This guy’s main job will be moving the beer from fermenting vessels over to the serving vessels for conditioning and carbonation, but he’ll get double and triple duty too (He definitely does NOT know what he is getting himself into).


Ummm, I’ll pass over this contraption for now.

But I’ll leave you with a behind the scenes glimpse of a recent pilot batch:


Finding the right atmosphere is a key step

More updates to come soon!

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