New Years: Brew Years

We knew when we began work on the brewpub that installing a brewery from the ground up was going to be a long and sometimes frustrating process, and while it has taken even longer than I was hoping for, it can be gratifying at the same time. Each bit of progress gets us closer to our end goal. To see it happening and to be involved in the process is awesome. That part is very satisfying. Waiting for our State paperwork to go through isn’t pleasant, but it is just something that comes along with a start-up.

The biggest changes in the brewpub recently have been most noticeable ones. All the glass is finally in now, and the ceiling has been hung. All the people involved on this project are doing wonderful work and as a result the build-out is looking phenomenal. We are really close to the point of moving the rest of the equipment in. Next on the list is installing the track lighting and doing the tile work around the new doors. Once we get the equipment in we’ll get to work on plumbing it together, and once that is up and operable and all our paperwork and licenses get the go-ahead we get to start brewing! So as always, we’ve made some great progress, but there is a lot ahead of us.

In the meantime the brew team is coming up with some cold weather libations on the pilot system. During these frigid and dark months I like the warmth and fortitude that a heavy stout offers, and we have a couple different variations we are working on. Bundle up and look for one at the Tavern soon!


Hope everyone had wonderful holidays!